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In this digital age, video is a powerful tool that can engage with millions of people around the world, and convey stories in a way that words can’t alone.

Finding the perfect combination of video clips, music, adding animation, graphics, effects, and voice in order to make the best video possible is like solving a puzzle.

I’ve had great experience working with a wide range of digital video content, including advertisements, instructional demonstrations, promos/social ads, product launches, interviews/testimonials and more. 

 Brand  FoxTales - Tubi


 Problem  Create a reel to recap Tubi's "Proud Tubi Me" Campaign 

 Solution  I created a one minute reel to highlight the wins of this campaign created by FoxTales, a boutique creative agency


 Brand  Tubi


 Problem  Create an instagram post to launch their "Make Me" campaign

 Solution  I created two instagram videos and static images which could be used as a template to plug in new movies and genres each week.

 Brand  Living Creatures (Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company)

 Problem  Create a some kind of projections for "Living Creatures", a modern dance show, based on a series of kids books.

 Solution  I took the notion of old Opera backdrops and mixed it with the playfulness of paper cutouts, since this was a performance for young people based on a book. The backdrops would come in, and behave as "real" ones, but with the compliment of video, which allowed me to control different moods and introduce elements that wouldn't have been able to be made otherwise.

 Brand  Understood


 Problem  Using Understood's brand guidelines, create social media posts promoting their series "From our family to yours"

 Brand  Light The Lives Of Others (Spherion and Tifie)


 Problem  Create a brand for Spherion and Tifie's annual giveback program

 Solution  I created the branding for this annual campaign, consisting of logo, brand guidelines, webpage, explainer video, organic and paid social media.


 Brand  We Are Not Cooks


 Projects  Shot, created and edited instagram posts for

'We are not cooks"

 Brand  Johnson & Johnson


 Problem  Create excerpts of their show "Road to a vaccine"


 Brand  Understood


 Problem  Using Understood's brand guidelines, create social media posts promoting their series "Quarantine Chronicles"


 Brand  Wedding Invitation

 Problem  Create a wedding invitation and website.

 Brand  Park City Fashion Week

 Problem  Create a video installation, shoot, direct, and edit talking heads of designers in the show.

 Brand  Park City Fashion Week


 Project  I created two instagram videos for the launch of the Bucket Bike.


 Project  Magazine Layout Mockup

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